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Every Job Listing Requires a Job Description that should at the Minimum Have the Responsibilities the holder of the Vacancy will perform and the Qualifications they'll need to Have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much does it Cost to Post a Vacancy?

CampusBiz is 99% Freemium. It’s absolutely free to Post Jobs and Receive Applications on CampusBiz Platform. We have though Custom Recruitment Options for those who need help to recruit. 

How's CampusBiz Different from other Job Listing Platforms?

We are not just a Job Listing Platform, we are Everything Entry-Level Recruitment. Our platform has a Built in Applicant Tracking system, enabling you manage all your Applicants, Contact them on site, send Interview notifications, Offer Contracts, Manage your Company Profile and Get Feedback from Users, just to mention a few!

What do you consider to be an entry-level vacancy?

As you might have already noticed, we focus on Students and Recent Graduates, that's largely the age group of between 18 - 26 years. So, we consider any vacancy that requires at the minimum no previous experience (Volunteer, Attachment, Internships, etc.) to a maximum of 2 Years (Trainees, Junior Staff, Assistants, Associates, Fellows, etc..) to be entry-level.

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